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Lighting the path to a healthier you.

Working from the Inside Out

I believe change begins on the inside. Mental weight loss creates physical weight loss. Once we break through the chains and barriers that have held us down for so long, we are able to create the best versions of ourselves. When we encounter traumatic events in life this can create mental blocks that lead to a road of destruction whether that’s through food addiction, drug/alcohol addiction, or other forms of mental illness.

I believe when we are able to heal our mind, body, and soul we are also able to create outward physical changes. In incorporating coaching with physical training, I teach you how to fuel your mind, body, and soul with habit changing methods so that you are able to make healthy decisions in your future regarding health, finance, and relationship. You will see from testimonials the transformation that has occurred mentally which has helped drive physical changes as well. I would love to do the same for you.

Hear It from My Clients

Health Coaching Program

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This program is a 90-day program with 12 sessions. We “meet” once a week via phone, video chat, or in person if you’re local and would like to do so. In the 90 days we discuss your desired goal of our time together regarding your health, we conduct experimental exercises to help you learn your body, and we create action steps around your goals to set you up for inevitable success and help you create habit changes that will last a lifetime.

*This program also comes with 2 one-on-one personal training sessions that can be via video chat or in person.


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Beast Mode Programs

The programs designed are created by Brandi herself utilizing knowledge and training from her Masters in Exercise Science and her work in sports performance with high school athletes as well as her experience in bodybuilding.

The beast mode programs are tracked through an app where you will be able to communicate with Brandi. The workouts contain videos demonstrating each exercise. These program exercises are updated every 8 weeks. The client is billed monthly with the ability to cancel at any time.

Lower Body

This program is designed to build/grow quads, hams, and glutes. However, you never want to focus on only one muscle group, therefore, includes upper body workouts as well.

image of couple having a piggy back ride
image of couple having a piggy back ride

Upper Body

This program is designed to build and grow your upper body, mainly focused on shoulders and back. There will be leg days incorporated in order to keep a more symmetrical shape.

Strength Building

This program is designed to increase overall strength by focusing on increasing weight as reps decrease.

image of couple having a piggy back ride
image of couple having a piggy back ride

Beast Mode at Home

No equipment? No problem! Equipment? Great! This program is designed for those who don't have time to make it to the gym or just prefer to work out at home! It builds as the phases go on, but you can always customize it to your fitness level by increasing or decreasing resistance!

Personal Training

I conduct one-on-one personal sessions in person or via video chat. My training does not require a gym membership as, I have locations where local clients can train. I can work with clients that have no equipment to clients that have a full-on gym set up. I utilize resistance training as well as aerobic training to help clients reach their goals.

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Army, Marine, & Fire Department Training Program

This program is a 10-week training program designed to equip you to meet the physical fitness requirements of your designated career training.


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Highly processed foods or ultra-processed foods are basically foods that have been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged, or changed in nutritional composition with fortifying or preserving the food in different ways. Any time we cook, bake, or prepare food we are processing it. Examples of highly processed foods are:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Chocolate and candies.
  • Ice cream and frozen desserts.
  • Fast foods like French fries and burgers.
  • Frozen entrées like pasta dishes and pizzas.
  • Bakery products like muffins, buns and cakes.
  • Processed meats like sausages and deli meats.

This does not mean ALL canned or frozen foods are “bad” for you. Knowing which ones are healthier comes with learning how to read food labels which will be provided with the cleanse. The point of this cleanse is geared towards helping you work towards eating more whole foods.

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